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Account registration to the portal

This is the first step that you need to make in order to use the services that ENCI makes available to breeders and owners, Italian and foreigner to enroll their dogs to Italian shows.

The first step is to register your account in the portal:

  • OWNER – once you have created your profile, you can enter the portal and subscribe to the shows only dogs of your property;

Your account registration to the portal, with the creation of your personal profile, is finished once, replying to the email we sent you, you'll enter all your personal data.

After the LOGIN you can start entering your dogs or register under your name (as handler) the ones the owners have already entered.

Enter your dogs

For Italian dogs, the owner must be the same that appear in the ENCI studbook.

For foreign dogs the check will be made with the Kennel Club of the owner's country. It is responsibility of the owner to manage its dogs in the portal.

If the dog is sold after the registration in a show, the former owner must disable the dog in its profile, so the new owner can add it in its profile.

The Italian owner can enter its dogs registered in the Italian studbook through n.LOI, or microchip, tab CHIP. You can also enter a dog, with the microchip and enroll in a show for recognition, tab-RSR 1generation. In the latter case, after the recognition, this dog will be included in the portal with its new registration number n.LOI. An Italian owner can register a foreign dog with the export pedigree number, FOREIGN tab.

The foreign owner can enter its dogs writing the correct number of the studbook in which the dog is registered, tab FOREIGN DOG. In this case the owner guarantees for the inserted data. The foreign owner who holds a dog enrolled in the Italian studbook may enter the subject using the tab N.REG or CHIP.

Register to the show

For Italian dogs will be made an automatic check in ENCI data base to validate the information, for example if it does not match the owner's name, it will no longer possible to register the dog. At this stage dog’s titles are updated.

All dogs must be entered in the portal by its owner, so the enrollment at the show.

The discount, as ENCI member or for an entry with more than four (4) dogs is calculated on a unique owner.